Our fleet

Our fleet is renewed every three years, giving our clients a range of new, quality vehicles for their deliveries. These range from HGVs and semi-trailers to utility and light vehicles.

  • All of our vehicles are equipped with a tailgate, allowing them to deliver to city centre destinations
  • The temperature in each compartment is constantly controlled and monitored
  • Each vehicle has GPS tracking, allowing us to track our vehicles in real time and guarantee our deliveries
  • Our trucks have fully modular walls and siding, allowing them to transport a variety of goods simultaneously
  • One, two or three-temperature configurations are possible, depending on the client’s needs
  • Our three-temperature solution means we can group your products, from wholesaler to retailer, while fully preserving the cold chain and the quality of your goods
  • Our vehicles are replaced regularly and all meet the EURO 6 standards
  • Gas and hybrid vehicles

Three-temperature vehicles

The walls of our vehicles are fully modular and allow us to transport up to three different temperatures at the same time. Depending on the client’s needs, they can be configured to provide one, two or three different transport temperatures in fully controlled and monitored compartments, and each vehicle is fitted with a GPS unit to ensure reliable deliveries and real-time tracking.
Each vehicle is also fitted with a tailgate, allowing us to deliver directly to city-centre destinations – such as your restaurant and hotel clients.

Respect for the environment

JETFREEZE is committed to helping protect the environment when we renew our vehicles, so we pay careful attention to new developments in the field – such as our first hybrid vehicle (electric/diesel), which we first used in September 2017. Our drivers are also trained in eco-driving, and each one can handle both chilled and frozen products (-20°C to +2°C). We can group our deliveries too, allowing us to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and reduce our CO2 emissions.