The Company

Why choose Jetfreeze?

Based in Boulogne-sur-mer (Pas de Calais), we are the experts in multi-temperature deliveries straight to your clients’ doors – even in city centres. We can deliver to wholesalers (warehouses) restaurants, stores and boutiques with the same care and attention as if you were doing it yourself!

Delivering all of your products, from frozen to fresh to shelf-stable

We are the champions of controlled-temperature COLD storage, from -18°C to +25°C. Our three-temperature transport solutions are an environmentally-responsible solution, grouping your products within 24 hours and reducing the number of HGVs on the road.

With the professionals…

  • In-house training (induction, training and at least four weeks’ deliveries with a more experienced driver)
  • A client-oriented corporate culture
  • Independent, motivated personnel
  • Training and awareness of eco-driving

and the resources…

  • A responsive set of operational resources
  • On-board computers on all our vehicles
  • Real-time temperature tracking
  • Regularly renewed rolling stock, according to the EURO 6 standard
  • Gas and hybrid vehicles

that give us the edge…

  • Fast and effective MULTI-TEMPERATURE organisation
  • On-time deliveries, 24/7
  • Expert delivery, even into city centres
  • The exact temperatures you need
  • Full control of the cold chain and application of HACCP rules, allowing us to identify, evaluate and control food safety risks
  • Zero sub-contracting to ensure full control over our flows and our resources

plus an urgent taxi-delivery service…

  • Individual delivery orders, any time of day or night
  • A fast, reliable solution

all based on our core values…

Listening to our clients:
JETFREEZE is a close-knit team of professionals who are committed to forging close links with our clients. Each client is a valued partner, so we do everything possible to meet their needs. So by listening to them, we can offer the best possible solution for them while adapting our services to a changing market.

Our vehicle fleet is new and stays new – we renew it every three years. Thanks to our geo-location system, we can locate each vehicle in real time and guarantee accurate and reliable delivery times for our clients. Maintaining the quality of our clients is a top priority for us, so we are uncompromising when it comes to hygiene and temperature control.

We strive to answer any and all requests within hours. At JETFREEZE, our expertise is based on our ability to provide multi-temperature delivery solutions, in both grouped and urgent deliveries (with our taxi-delivery service), efficiently and effectively. What’s more, we stay in regular touch with our clients from despatch to final delivery to they know exactly what’s going on.