Founded in 2007, JETFREEZE specialises in controlled-temperature transport, and in particular custom multi-temperature transport solutions (room temperature / -25°C / +2°C / -10°C / -18°C). In 2018, JETFREEZE became part of the MOUSSET Group, a move which allowed the company to expand and develop its low-temperature logistics services. Over twelve years, we have built up extensive expertise in distribution to city-centre locations.

We can provide storage, prepare your orders and delivery anywhere in France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg and in Switzerland, delivering to wholesalers (warehouses) and retailers (shops and restaurants). Our service runs 24/7, and we take just as much care as if you were delivering your products. Since the very beginning, JETFREEZE has been powered by a loyal, close-knit team with a strong commitment to service. Respect and trust are core values for us, and we are always looking to improve – better awareness, availability, adaptability and speed – so that we remain a solid partner who can, in the words of the MOUSSET Group, “invent solutions that let us go even further”.

Three-temperature delivery into town and city centres

Vital statistics

3 temperatures
17302 deliveries
360 cities
313500 pallets

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